The Best Addition To Your Employee Wellness and Engagement Program

Eating On-site Leads to More Productive & Engaged Employees

Each dollar spent on wellness programs saves a company $3.27 in health care costs and $2.73 in absenteeism costs 1 .

Employees who exercise more and eat a healthier diet saw the biggest uptick in their productivity 2 .

1 Meta-analysis, Harvard University School of Public Healh, 2010

2 Timothy Gubler, The Impact of Corporate Wellness Programs on Employee Productivity, 2017


VarietyLimited Cold MealsLimited by VendorLimited by Day New Meals Weekly
Availability24/7One-timeLimited Hours Anytime
Meal SubsidyOptionalFullOptional Partial & Customizable
SetupHoursn/aMonths 1 Hour

Simple onboarding process for admins and team members

Easily provide fully or partially subsidized meals

  • Customize your incentive program to encourage the desired behavior from individuals & teams
  • Set a Percentage, Dollar off, or Monthly Budget
  • Adjust subsidies by time of day or day of the week
  • Reward your staff with meal vouchers for hitting internal goals

Monitor Program Performance

  • Designate program administrators
  • See who's using KitchenMate
  • Track how many meals are being sold, popular dishes, and when people are eating
  • Track reviews, meal ratings, and feedback
  • Measure productivity gained vs. going out for lunch

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