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Introducing the Smart Cooking System

Mobile App

Transparent & Personalized Experience

Smart Fridge

24/7 Accessibility to your Favourite Meals

Smart Cooker™

Perfectly Cooked Meal, Every Time


Safe & Recyclable Packaging

Transparent & Personalized Experience

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In-App Payment & Loyalty Programs

  • Secure Mobile Payment
  • Custom Company Subsidies
  • Promotions & Rewards

24/7 Accessibility With Our Smart Fridge

  • Unlock Fridge With Your App
  • Grab a Meal-Pod Anytime
  • Quality Controlled Temperature

Cook a Fresh Meal at the Touch of a Button

  • Automatically Cooks 1,000+ Recipes
  • Internet-Connected, Barcode Controlled
  • Cooks Perfectly, Every Time

Tamper Proof Smart Meal-Pod™

  • Single Serve, Tamper Proof
  • 100% Recyclable Aluminum
  • 5-7 Day Shelf Life Without Preservatives

Getting Setup Is Easy