Introducing the plug-&-play

Smart Cooking System ™

Mobile App

Transparent & personalized experience

Smart Fridge

24/7 accessibility to your favourite meals

Smart Cooker™

Perfectly cooked meal, every time

Smart Meal-Pod™

Safe & recyclable packaging

Transparent & personalized experience

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In-app payment & loyalty programs

  • Secure mobile payment
  • Custom company subsidies
  • Promotions & rewards

24/7 accessibility with our Smart Fridge

  • Unlock fridge with your app
  • Grab a meal-pod anytime
  • Quality controlled temperature

Cook a fresh meal at the touch of a button

  • Automatically cooks 1,000+ recipes
  • Internet-connected, barcode controlled
  • Cooks perfectly, every time

Safe & sustainable Smart Meal-Pod™

  • Single-serve, tamper-proof
  • 100% recyclable aluminum
  • 5-7 day shelf life

Getting setup is easy

Our plug & play smart cooking system is fully operational in 30 minutes

A KitchenMate product expert will contact you with more information.