Real Food, Cooked Anytime at Your Office

The best addition to your corporate wellness program

How it works

We install a fridge and Smart Cookers in your office
We keep your fridge topped up with fresh food and take back left-overs
Employees pay on the KitchenMate mobile app to cook their meal
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Learn how we can help your company cultivate optimal employee health and wellness.
Learn How

Real Food, Anytime.

  • Fresh ingredients with no added preservatives
  • Nutrient-packed to boost energy levels and power your day
  • Delivered right to your office fridge
  • Grab a meal from the fridge and cook anytime



The Smart Cooker

  • Barcode technology automatically scans your meal
  • Uses conduction and steam to control the temperature, humidity, and duration to cook your meal perfectly
  • Wifi-enabled and controlled by the KitchenMate mobile app
  • Patent pending technology

The Mobile App

  • Displays a live inventory of each dish in your office fridge
  • Filters the menu based on your intolerances and allergies
  • View detailed nutrition facts and ingredients
  • Purchase and cook your meal

Fixing Food for Good

We believe everyone can:

  • Eat real, fresh food
  • Know all the facts
  • Buy food, not frills
  • Do good for the planet


What are you waiting for? Discover how KitchenMate can help your staff eat healthier and be more engaged at work.