24/7 on-site food service for commercial buildings

No cost to the building.

5/5 from 14,000+ users

Easy and secure

Residents can only unlock the fridge by tapping their credit card, and they’ll get charged for the item(s) they’ve taken.

Small footprint

Our kiosk will fit perfectly in your high-traffic areas by only taking up 15 sqft of space.

White-glove service

No need to restock or clean out the fridge. We’ll do it all for you.
Attract more leases

Attract more leasing opportunities by making your space stand out with fresh food on-site, available anytime.

Keep existing tenants happy

Tenant expectations are changing and people need more reasons to stay than ever.

No cafeteria? No problem.

Replace your cafeteria with a modular kiosk that operates 24/7 and offers a variety of meals with virtually no overhead costs for your building.

From morning to night, we've got you covered

Your fridge is stocked weekly with hot meals, grab-n-go salads and wraps, and snacks, so you'll find the right meal for any time of the day.

The perfect marriage between quality and price

Enjoy delicious meals made with locally-sourced ingredients — all under $12.95, a fraction of the cost of delivery or takeout.

Restaurant-quality meals within your building

No need to leave the building for food. You'll have access to restaurant-quality meals that are steps away from your workplace.

Restaurant-quality meals in the convenience of your building. Get eating in less than 10 minutes.

Unlock the Smart Fridge using the KitchenMate App or tap your debit/credit card.

Grab a Meal Pod and any other item(s). You'll only be charged for the items you've taken out.

You'll be notified when your meal is ready! And your receipt will be sent via e-mail or SMS within 1 business day.

Chef-curated hot entrées, salads, sandwiches & snacks. For a fraction of the price of takeout or delivery.


That was a fantastic meal! I loved it! It was full of flavour and a good amount of food.



Love it solo much! Like the taste! Like the chili!!! This is the most amazing one I had so far.



This sandwich is a close second to its sausage based cousin. Very satisfying. Once again, the chipotle mayo adds a nice piquant touch.



I needed a glass of white wine to pair with this fantastic treat! Good job!!!



A new favourite for sure. Great flavour, hearty & healthy.



My absolute FAVOURITE! I could eat this all day, everyday! Yes! Good one!



This meal was outstanding! The flavours were out of this world!



OMG so delish! I like this better than the restaurants downstairs.



I am new to this and can't believe the quality. I added a little hot sauce and it was perfect!



This was my second meal, and I really must congratulate you on the FLAVOUR -- intense and delicious!



The pasta was cooked perfectly, ingredients tasted fresh. Vegetables were cooked perfectly! LOVED this dish!



One of my early favourites. Think I've had it 3 times. Super consistent, good flavour and textures. Hearty enough to satisfy.



This was really enjoyable. A nice smooth taste, that portion was filling.



One of my favourites. A complete breakfast in a bowl. What more could you ask for?



The textures were great. The spice level good for any spice tolerance. The best one I've tried.


Delicious meals with 14,000+ five-star reviews.

Offer a great amenity to your tenants and earn revenue

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5/5 from 14,000+ users