Great food experience
enabled by great tech

Powered by our AI Smart-Fridge™ and Smart-Cookers™

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Great food experience enabled by great tech

Powered by our Smart-Cooker™ and AI Vision-Cooler™

Introducing our AI Smart-Fridge™ providing the ultimate convenience.

Real-time AI vision

Real-time AI Vision

AI figures out what users took out and charges them accordingly
Users can take out multiple items and even put some back if they change their mind. They are only charged for what they take out.

Smart Lock

The door is locked until a user taps their credit card or scans the QR code
It ensures temperature stays in safe-zone
It even stays locked during power outages
Fridge unlock with app

Smart restocking

AI figures out what items to stock and where to put it in the fridge
Prices are updated to reflect the latest promos
Vote for items and receive updates when they arrive

Integration with App

Real-time inventory of what's in the fridge
Easily see dish ingredients, nutritions, and reviews
See the status of meal cooking
Scanning QR code on product tag

Our Smart Cooker™ gets you a perfectly cooked meal, every time.

KitchenMate Smart-Cooker

Smart recognition

Recognizes the dish and the food. Food is steamed inside the pod to the perfect temperature.

Mighty fast

4x faster than a toaster oven, and up-to 4 cookers on same socket


No hot plates. Nothing to clean. No funny smells. No mess.

Spice up your on-site food experience