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Whether your team is fully on-site or hybrid, working day or night shifts, our food is always available for your team, 24/7. Only 15sqft of space is required.

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All our meals are under $12.95 — a fraction of the cost of delivery or takeout. You’ll also earn points with every purchase that you can redeem for free meals.

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Have a delicious meal ready for you in less than 10 minutes without leaving your office. Access our fresh meals and snacks that are steps away from your desk.

For many years, Shawcor employees enjoyed an in-house cafeteria with prepared meals on-site. This was a popular offering as employees enjoyed congregating at the cafeteria to enjoy a meal together. Shawcor was glad to offer this subsidized benefit as it allowed employees to form closer relationships and reduce the number of trips outside the facility.

With the severe restrictions imposed during the pandemic, it was no longer practical or cost effective to continue with the cafeteria service. We started to investigate various options to provide a similar benefit to our employees. These included providing subsidized food delivery cards (Uber Eats, Door Dash), sandwich vending machines and bulk food delivery services. None of these items addressed concerns around cost, food quality, nutritional value and variety.We were fortunate to discover that KitchenMate was able to deliver on all of our meal service needs. The initial trial was a great success given the selection and variety of meals, drinks and snacks. A substantial number of employees have downloaded the app and are using KitchenMate on a daily basis. The technology enabled kiosk is easy to use and employee engagement has been very high compared to our earlier cafeteria service. In fact, the KitchenMate system offers distinct advantages over our cafeteria including: 24/7 availability, higher engagement, more nutritious meals and salads.

We will continue to partner with KitchenMate and look forward to installing additional units as more employees start to return to the office.

Armen Markarian, Manager, Engineering and Facility Operations

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Check your team’s favourite dishes and read their reviews. Identify top users and trends such as most popular times of the day and days of the week to have a meal. Find everything you need to make the most of the program — all in one place.

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Staff Appreciation Tools

Set up a custom subsidy for your team to promote healthier choices and increase productivity. Reward your employees for their hard work using our Employee Gifting feature. Keep allowances under control by setting up a limit per team member.

Monthly Invoicing

Spend no time figuring out your monthly charges. Whether you have a single or multiple workplaces, get only one invoice clearly broken down by Staff ID. Our billing system is automated and designed to make your life easier. No hassle, no hidden costs.


That was a fantastic meal! I loved it! It was full of flavour and a good amount of food.


Steam Whistle

Love it solo much! Like the taste! Like the chili!!! This is the most amazing one I had so far.



This sandwich is a close second to its sausage based cousin. Very satisfying. Once again, the chipotle mayo adds a nice piquant touch.


Big Brother Production

I needed a glass of white wine to pair with this fantastic treat! Good job!!!


University Health Network

A new favourite for sure. Great flavour, hearty & healthy.



My absolute FAVOURITE! I could eat this all day, everyday! Yes! Good one!


The Plastic Surgery Clinic

This meal was outstanding! The flavours were out of this world!


MAD Elevator

OMG so delish! I like this better than the restaurants downstairs.



I am new to this and can't believe the quality. I added a little hot sauce and it was perfect!



This was my second meal, and I really must congratulate you on the FLAVOUR -- intense and delicious!


Clifton Blake

The pasta was cooked perfectly, ingredients tasted fresh. Vegetables were cooked perfectly! LOVED this dish!



One of my early favourites. Think I've had it 3 times. Super consistent, good flavour and textures. Hearty enough to satisfy.



This was really enjoyable. A nice smooth taste, that portion was filling.



One of my favourites. A complete breakfast in a bowl. What more could you ask for?


Big Brother Production Set

The textures were great. The spice level good for any spice tolerance. The best one I've tried.


Steam Whistle

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