We connect communities to the food they crave

From global dishes to comforting classics, our meals are bursting with wholesome ingredients.

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24/7 accessibility

We believe everyone should be equipped to access, share, and enjoy high-quality meals, snacks and drinks. Our prepared meals are made locally using wholesome ingredients and cooked directly in front of you on our Smart Cookers.

Know all the facts

Through our mobile app, we share detailed nutrition facts including micro and macronutrients, and clearly list every ingredient, major allergen, and intolerance. We give you full transparency of what goes into the food you eat.

KitchenMate app dish detail

Buy food, not frills

We are dedicated to making tasty and affordable meals that fits into people's increasingly fast-paced lives. We don't have an expensive retail storefront and we don't deliver one meal at a time. Our packaging is minimal and we don’t charge hidden fees.

A word from our founder

I started KitchenMate six years ago to help my family eat freshly prepared meals despite our hectic lifestyle. Too often, we had to compromise between taste, health, and convenience. It wasn't sustainable.

Together with my cofounders, we set out to build something different. Not another meal-kit that costs as much as some restaurants and still requires cooking. Not another meal delivery app with crazy prices and no margins for suppliers. Not another frozen meal loaded with preservatives.

We had an idea: instead of using preservatives, what if we leveraged AI to forecast what people want and produced a fresh packaged meal? Instead of expensive single-meal deliveries, what if we bulk deliver meals to shared fridges near where people work and live?

We are proud to create the world's first hot food kiosk with hundreds of selections by combining state-of-the-art retail technology and culinary operations.

Yang Yu
Founder, CEO