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Chef-Curated | Locally Produced | New Weekly Menu

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Restaurant quality
meals on-site 24/7

Chef-Curated | Locally Produced | New Weekly Menu

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Restaurant quality
meals on-site 24/7

Chef-Curated | Locally Produced | New Weekly Menu

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That was a fantastic meal! I loved it! It was full of flavour and a good amount of food.


Steam Whistle

Love it solo much! Like the taste! Like the chili!!! This is the most amazing one I had so far.



This sandwich is a close second to its sausage based cousin. Very satisfying. Once again, the chipotle mayo adds a nice piquant touch.


Big Brother Production

I needed a glass of white wine to pair with this fantastic treat! Good job!!!


University Health Network

A new favourite for sure. Great flavour, hearty & healthy.



My absolute FAVOURITE! I could eat this all day, everyday! Yes! Good one!


The Plastic Surgery Clinic

This meal was outstanding! The flavours were out of this world!


MAD Elevator

OMG so delish! I like this better than the restaurants downstairs.



I am new to this and can't believe the quality. I added a little hot sauce and it was perfect!



This was my second meal, and I really must congratulate you on the FLAVOUR -- intense and delicious!


Clifton Blake

The pasta was cooked perfectly, ingredients tasted fresh. Vegetables were cooked perfectly! LOVED this dish!



One of my early favourites. Think I've had it 3 times. Super consistent, good flavour and textures. Hearty enough to satisfy.



This was really enjoyable. A nice smooth taste, that portion was filling.



One of my favourites. A complete breakfast in a bowl. What more could you ask for?


Big Brother Production Set

The textures were great. The spice level good for any spice tolerance. The best one I've tried.


Steam Whistle

Delicious meals with 14,000+ five-star reviews.

Our modular Kiosks enable your business to easily integrate high-quality meals into your facility.

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Andrew Faridani
President & CEO, BreezeMaxWeb

"KitchenMate has done wonders for our company and our office. We are able to have delicious, high-quality meals at the comfort of our office without having to drive for takeout or to restaurants, especially during COVID, it's been a blessing. Productivity has increased with less time spent traveling for meals. Our staff also like the fact that if they stay late in the evening, they can still have a warm meal as well. As a company, we also use it as a gifting mechanism for our employees of the month, also on their birthdays where we provide them with complimentary meals. We enjoy the selection process of voting for next week's meals and the engagement it creates amongst employees."

Wes Oliver
Fulfillment Centre Manager, Staples Canada

"Before KitchenMate and the pandemic, our associates would use the cafeteria for quick snacks and small meals, go out for breakfast or lunch and sometimes bring in shared treats for the team. Since COVID, all of this has slowed down quite a bit as we’ve shut down our cafeteria and implemented social distancing in our lunchroom. Having KitchenMate has been a really good subsidized option for all of our staff, including our overnight shift. The service is convenient with very good and healthy options."

Greg Taylor
Steam Whistle

"We launched KitchenMate during the pandemic to provide our employees with a safe, on-site food option and give them access to fresh, high-quality meals at affordable prices. It’s great that it’s available 24/7 so that our employees have access regardless of their shift and have confidence that quality meals are always available for them. Facilitating a great working experience for our team members is an important part of the Steam Whistle culture and we love that on top of the meal subsidy system, through KitchenMate we have created an employee gifting feature that we can reward our people for going the extra mile or celebrate occasions such as their birthdays. Overall, KitchenMate has become an integral part of our culture."

Alina Buzgar
Head of HR,  GVA Lighting

"KitchenMate has quickly become part of our team fabric. We’ve stayed busy throughout the pandemic and KitchenMate has been a great perk to have in the office as we’re all trying to avoid going out. People love the fresh food, rewards program and that you can purchase meals based on your preferences."

Erin Haig
National Manager
Human Resources, Mazda

"KitchenMate has completely shifted our office culture. You can feel a buzz in the air because everyone is hanging out in the lunchroom talking rather than driving somewhere to grab food (which is usually unhealthy)."

Brian Altman
VP Operations, Setter

"There's only a few things that feel like cross-functional cultural pillars at our company and I'd say KitchenMate is one of them. Folks love it and I think there'd be a picket line if we took it away. It's turned out to be a staple for many folks at lunch, and a late night energizer for those in a crunch."

Sandy Alves
Executive Assistant to the President, Baylis Medical

"What we enjoy most other than all the delicious meals, is their level of customer service. If you need to reach out for support, they are always just a click away. Our staff also appreciates the fact that they really care about customer feedback and make changes whenever possible."

Anna Nosek
Executive Assistant,

"KitchenMate has been a great success for us! Our employees very much enjoy the high-quality, ready-to-eat, fresh, nutritious, and tasty meals – and it’s so convenient, right at the office! Thank you KitchenMate – great customer service as well!"

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