Food service tailored
to your business

Adaptable to hybrid workplaces or fully on-site

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We go above and beyond what's expected from a food service.

Fresh hot meals
Low occupancy
Eat together
Eat 24/7
Customized subsidies
Dietary filters
Engagement insights
Dedicated account manager

Delivery apps






A digital experience your team will love. Order meals, earn rewards, gift meals, and more.

KitchenMate app digital menu

Digital menu

Take a peek into your Vision-Cooler™ by browsing through your phone. Explore, or follow our recommendations based on your goals — making it easy to decide what to eat.

Nutrition list

Know all the facts when you eat one of our meals. Our mobile app clearly lists every ingredient, major allergen, and intolerance for all meals.

Nutrition list
KitchenMate app earn points

Earn reward points

As you eat our meals, you'll get points that you can redeem them for Rewards—like free food, drinks, and more.

Tools to help you engage and reward your staff, and easily manage the program.

Engagement Insights

Check your team’s favourite dishes and read their reviews. Identify top users and trends such as most popular times of the day and days of the week to have a meal. Find everything you need to make the most of the program — all in one place.

engagement insights dashboard
staff appreciation tool

Staff Appreciation Tools

Set up a custom subsidy for your team to promote healthier choices and increase productivity. Reward your employees for their hard work using our Employee Gifting feature. Keep allowances under control by setting up a limit per team member.

Monthly Invoicing

Spend no time figuring out your monthly charges. Whether you have a single or multiple workplaces, get only one invoice clearly broken down by Staff ID. Our billing system is automated and designed to make your life easier. No hassle, no hidden costs.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of products do you sell?

We offer freshly cooked hot meals like pasta, tacos, rice dishes, mac 'n cheese, salads, and more. We also have salads and wraps that you can grab and go, as well as drinks. See our menu.

What's the price range?

Full meals, including breakfast, range from $6 - $10, and drinks are approximately $1 - $3.

Where is the food made?

Our local kitchen partners make our meals in a federally inspected, highest-grade kitchen environment.

How big is the setup?

The AI Vision-Cooler™ measures 2.5ft x 2.5ft. A single Smart-Cooker™ tower is 1.3ft x 1.3ft.

How many Smart-Cooker™ towers do I need?

One Smart-Cooker™ tower is good for every 100 people in the workplace. If you have more than 200 people in your workplace, we need to look at your mix of staff to understand if we should add more towers or another kiosk in a closer location.

How does payment work?

The Vision-Cooler™ is usually locked and unlocks after you tap your credit card or scan a QR code with the KitchenMate app, which also has your credit card stored. The fridge also has AI-based cameras installed inside, which can see what you've taken out. Once the door is closed, the credit card that was used to unlock the fridge will be charged.

How does fridge restocking work?

Our standard delivery schedule is Monday morning and optionally on Wednesday morning. A delivery driver will come into your building with a dolly carrying boxes of meals and drinks. They will put any expired meals into a box and then refill the Vision-Cooler™ with this week's menu.

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