Chef-Created And Dietitian-Approved Meals

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New Recipes

Tofu Bibimbap

467 Cal23 g fat45 g carb23 g protein

Ancho Turkey Burrito Bowl

533 Cal23 g fat40 g carb44 g protein

Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese

593 Cal18 g fat84 g carb18 g protein

Blue Cheese Steak

552 Cal37 g fat28 g carb35 g protein

Golden Oatmeal

357 Cal13 g fat58 g carb8 g protein

Thai Green Curry Chicken

605 Cal32 g fat41 g carb39 g protein

Tofu Butter Masala & Peas Pulao

601 Cal28 g fat60 g carb30 g protein

Ultimate Comfort Mac & Cheese

956 Cal58 g fat72 g carb29 g protein

Tandoori Salmon with Cauliflower Rice

453 Cal24 g fat25 g carb35 g protein

Better Ingredients

We put your money towards what really matters: the ingredients. Our goal is to achieve the quality and price of a home-cooked meal, while saving you the time and energy of grocery shopping, preparing and cooking.

Where your money goes (% of meal cost)
Grocery Subs
Microwaved Meal

Lower Prices

Because we don't have retail stores and all the cooking is done with our Smart Cooker, we're able to offer high quality meals at lower prices.

Grocery Subs

Ready To Cook

All of our meals are prepared weekly with fresh ingredients and are ready to be cooked in the Smart Cooker.

Our Promise


Our meals are balanced with the right amounts of micro and macro nutrients for a variety of diets.


We use a set of ingredients we trust and avoid those we can't pronounce.


We make every bite rich in flavor from high quality ingredients, instead of lots of salt and sugar.


We help you understand what you are eating, where it came from, and why it's good for you.