Join us in our mission to fix food for good.

Why we exist

2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese, meanwhile 40% of the food produced in North America is wasted.

The food system clearly produces enough food for everyone, but there is a big disconnect between supply and demand. In the highly fragmented and offline world of food today, it's difficult to predict consumer demand while fresh ingredients perish. Compounded by the obscurity of hundreds of food options and one-size-fits-all nutrition labeling, it is too easy to eat what is fast but not always good for us.

We are on a mission to provide access to high-quality meals to everyone while reducing the cost and time required.

This gives us the unique opportunity to rethink how ready-to-eat meals are created, not just delivered. It also presents many interesting challenges in an effort to reduce labor, waste, inefficiencies, and build a food-chain from farm to fork in a digital world.

Food is fundamental to our daily lives. A great meal not only satisfies our hunger, but it brings us joy, closer to our friends and family, and closer to the natural world that feeds us.

For the love of our people, food chain, and planet.

Our values

We work hard, but smart towards our mission as a team. We think from first principles, act with purpose, build trust, craft products, and keep pushing the bar higher.


The Truth

With Purpose

To Last


Each Other


Perks at KitchenMate

Personal Development

You’ll be challenged with complex projects that have real impact and opportunities to create memorable experiences for our customers every day.

Dietitian Consultation

Our amazing in-house dietician is here for you if you have any questions related to food, health and nutrition.

Meals & Snacks

Because sharing is caring! There’s no one else who knows our meals better than us because we eat them every day!

Health & Wellness Coverage

No more (healthcare) headache. You’ll get extensive health and dental benefits package to make sure you are well and healthy.

Gym Membership

To help you reach those fitness goals you’re working towards!

Equity in KitchenMate

We own it, literally. Our team all have stock options in the company so that we can all share our success collectively.

Open positions at KitchenMate

We are looking for talented people passionate about solving big problems that impact everyone's health and well-being.

Lucas Demingeon
Lead Hardware Systems Engineer

"What I love about working at KitchenMate is that my work really matters and that I am an important part of a growing engine. We focus on building the context needed to trust one another and then give each other the autonomy to do our best. Small victories happen every day, and every week we are moving the needle forward."

Eric Smith
Product Development Chef

"The world is evolving very quickly with technology and so is the way we think about food. We’re working towards making our food choices simpler, healthier and more accessible on a day to day basis. Tech is continuing to make that more obtainable. KitchenMate is a team of big thinkers, innovators and problem solvers. Being able to use my culinary background to contribute to the company vision and have an impact on the bigger picture is exciting and inspiring."

Ekaterina Komnatnaya
Food Safety, Nutrition, and Regulatory Manager

"As a food industry professional, delivering safe, accessible, tasty, and high-quality food is what I believe in. At KitchenMate, the mission to share real food and be transparent about what goes into it, is something that I can really get behind. It’s exciting to be part of such an innovative and agile organization."

William La
Technical Services Lead

"Given the chance to make a difference in people's daily lives. I will take up that offer in a heartbeat! While reducing the environmental impact, we are accomplishing more than providing healthy, fresh, and consistent quality meals."

Wiktoria Furmaniak
Account Executive

"The world is changing and so are the needs of today’s teams and individuals. At KitchenMate, I have a direct impact on helping HR and facilities managers make the new office a place where employees want to be by providing them with an innovative fresh food option. This is especially important to me because it gives me an opportunity to combine my passion for food and customer experience and use it to make a difference."