Why we exist

2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese, meanwhile 40% of the food produced in north america is wasted. The food system clearly produces enough food for everyone, but there is a big disconnect between supply and demand. In the highly fragmented and offline world of food today, it's difficult to predict consumer demand while fresh ingredients perish. Compounded by the obscurity of hundreds of food options and one-size-fits-all nutrition labeling, it is too easy to eat what is fast but not always good for us.

We are on a mission to provide access to high-quality meals to everyone while reducing the cost and time required. This gives us the unique opportunity to rethink how ready-to-eat meals are created, not just delivered. It also presents many interesting challenges in an effort to reduce labor, waste, inefficiencies, and build a food-chain from farm to fork in a digital world.

Food is fundamental to our daily lives. A great meal not only satisfies our hunger, but it brings us joy, closer to our friends and family, and closer to the natural world that feeds us.

For the love of our people, food chain, and planet.

Our values

We work hard, but smart towards our mission as a team. We think from first principles, act with purpose, build trust, craft products, and keep pushing the bar higher.

The Truth
With Purpose
To Last
Each Other


  • Personal development
  • Dietitian consultation
  • Meals and snacks
  • Health and wellness coverage
  • Gym membership
  • Equity in KitchenMate
  • Downtown office

Open Positions

We are looking for talented people passionate about solving big problems that impact everyone's health and well-being.

Lucas Demingeon - Lead Operations Engineer

What I love about working at KitchenMate is that my work really matters and that I am an important part of a growing engine. We focus on building the context needed to trust one another and then give each other the autonomy to do our best. Small victories happen every day, and every week we are moving the needle forward

Weiqing Fang - Hardware Engineer

I want to solve the food inequality problem with a team that’s all working towards that same future, where everyone has accessibility to healthy food without sacrificing time or money. At KitchenMate, I get to apply my passion for food and technological advances. Every day is an interesting adventure full of challenging problems.

Lucas Zeer - Software Engineer

Many industries are driven by automation, but some industries (such as fresh food) are harder to automate than others. I joined KitchenMate as I am very excited by the insanity of the food industry, and I love how KitchenMate is solving these automation problems using innovative and intelligent solutions. Furthermore: being part of a team that is so passionate about ensuring humankind is eating healthier while reducing waste and preparation time is very fulfilling for me.